Film Developing

We at Photosound Cameras love film as equally as digital so much so we still develop colour and black and white film on site here in Bishops Stortford on the Hertfordshire and Essex Border.

35mm Colour Film Developing

We can normally process your colour 35mm film on an hour service or the next day if you are not in too much of a hurry to see what wonders await from shooting on film.

120mm Colour Film Developing

Yes we still develop 120mm film and we can often offer this service on an hour or the following day. Don’t you just love the larger medium format imagery.

35mm and 120mm Black and White Film Developing

Traditional black and white film is processed by hand and as such takes longer and because of its popularity now takes up to 7 days to process in order to keep up with demand. Whether its hi-key or lo-key black and white is always wonderful to shoot with.

Whilst we are still working on making this website more informative please give us a call on 01279 651434 for further information.