Olympus E-M1x Body


Perfectly meeting the needs of true professionals, the E-M1X delivers the absolute confidence every photographer comes to expect – with better control, ergonomics and stability throughout the shoot. The advanced system of innovative technology and features has been engineered to take the game a level higher.

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Precision with the right function

The OM-D autofocus (AF) system has been completely re-engineered for the E-M1X. From additional focal points for different scenes to a new focus algorithm, the AF lets the photographer concentrate on the composition.

Ideal for wildlife and fast-moving nature photography, Intelligent subject detection AF detects specific subjects for pinpoint focusing and tracking. With Firmware 2.0, you now also have Bird detection AF. It detects the eye of the bird and continuously focuses on it. So that you can concentrate on the composition and framing.
With down to –6 EV steps, this function takes the worry out of shooting in low light. The sensitive AF performs high-precision focusing also in dark scenes.

Located on both grips, this intuitive joystick makes switching AF areas during sequential shooting and movie recording fast and easy, especially while shooting through the viewfinder.

Designed for photographers who don’t want to be limited by using a tripod, or whose assignments take them to places where a tripod is not permitted, this function generates a single high-resolution shot equal to that captured with a 50M sensor – without any signs of blur caused by handshake.
Bird detection AF

Ideal for catching birds in flight or resting, this feature lets you focus on birds even if they are fairly hidden in a bush or forest – making handheld outdoor bird photography more flexible with easier framing. It detects the eye of the bird you want as your subject and continuously focuses on it for you. If the eye is not detected, it tracks the head or body. Bird detection AF also works with Pro Capture mode and all M.Zuiko Digital lenses.