Any photography enthusiast interested or specialised in taking portraits and indoor shots will certainly reap the benefits of this high‑performance prime lens. It delivers uncompromised image quality – with a super‑bright open aperture of 1:1.8 – that stands out with crisp contrast, edge‑to‑edge precision, high resolution and low aberration. On top of these impressive credentials, this lens is also remarkably compact and easy to handle.

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Enhanced creative options

Capable of delivering an attention-grabbing shallow depth of field when shooting portraits, and attractively defocused surroundings, the M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 75mm 1:1.8 is a large-aperture supermodel of a lens that delivers everything an enthusiast could ask for.

High-speed AF with low noise

When used in AF mode, this high-performance lens is not only super-fast, it is also whisper-quiet. This makes the 75mm portrait prime lens ideal for shooting videos too. An inner focus mechanism with one focusing lens drive delivers a closest focusing distance of 0.84m.

High-quality build

This lens’s full metal assembly goes hand in hand with its conveniently lightweight and compact body, featuring a length of just 69mm despite its super-bright aperture of 1:1.8. The premium feel and fine-tuned focus ring make it a pleasure to use in manual mode too.

Additional information

Aperture Range

f1.8 – f22

Lens Mount

Olympus Micro Four Thirds


Approx 69mm (L) x 64mm (D)

Weight (g)

Approx. 305g